University Budget

The university budget is developed by financial managers in each department with major revenue and expense drivers reviewed and recommended by the Budget Advisory Committee. Once departmental budgets are approved by the cognizant dean or vice president, the budget is reviewed and approved by the Executive Budget Committee (EBC). Finally, the budget is approved by the Board of Trustees.

The budget year at St. Thomas begins on July 1 and ends on June 30.

Budget Advisory Committee

The Budget Advisory Committee is comprised of annually elected or appointed members of the university community as follows:

Faculty (5)
Undergraduate Students (1)
Deans (4)
Administrators (6)
Controller and Director, OFP&B - ex officio (2)

Budget Forms

All questions regarding the budget at the University of St. Thomas should be directed to the Office of Financial Planning and Budgeting at room #219 of Aquinas Hall.

Nora Fitzpatrick
Phone: (651) 962-6884
Allison Hanson
Phone: (651) 962-6189
Fax:(651) 962-6009