Journal Vouchers

Journal vouchers are used to make adjustments or corrections to cash receipts, cash disbursements or other accounting entries; for example, it could be used to correct an index code used to record a cash disbursement.

The journal voucher system will do the following:

  • Provide departments the ability to submit journal vouchers.
  • Create an approval process based on the established approval queues already set up within Banner.
  • Validate journal entries before they are submitted for approval.
  • Generate e-mail messages when vouchers are ready for approval, disapproved by approvers, or submitted to Banner.
  • Keep an electronic record of all journal vouchers submitted by an individual, including the reason for the journal voucher and any supporting documentation. 


Step by Step Instructions:

Installing Journal Voucher System
Creating a Journal Voucher
Creating an Internal Charge Journal Voucher
Creating a Credit Card or goEmerchant Journal Voucher
Excel Upload Template