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Kevin O. Sauter

B.A., Moorhead State University;
M.A., Miami (Ohio) University;
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
OEC 125B
(651) 962-5821
Toll Free
(800) 328-6819, Ext. 2-5821
Mail 5011
University of St. Thomas
Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105

Professor Sauter teaches Television Criticism, Public Speaking, Public Communication, Persuasion, and Communication & Citizenship.

Scholarship and service:
Professor Sauter is committed to exposing UST students to global communication concepts and has taken students abroad to study intercultural communication on many occasions. He has taught study-abroad courses in South Africa, Hawaii and Mali (West Africa). Most of Dr. Sauter’s classes contain service-learning components where students learn and apply the material being studied through projects with community partners. 

His scholarship is primarily focused on political communication, and he is often asked to provide analysis and commentary for local media outlets on campaign advertising and presidential debates. Professor Sauter is also interested in intercultural communication and traveled around the world in 2008-09 to study the impact of cultural on the Catholic Mass. His project titled A Month of Sundays examines the confluence of culture, identity and communication that occurs in Catholic liturgy in varied circumstances and locations around the world.  

Professor Sauter has served as the chair of three different departments at St. Thomas and has led many University and College committees.  He currently serves as the Director of the Arts and Letters Division in the College of Arts and Sciences. Sauter joined the UST faculty in 1982.

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Kevin O. Sauter

Introduction to basic communication theories and skills as they pertain to the business setting. Text, lecture, class discussion and exercises, and individual and group presentations will better prepare students to become more effective communicators at work. The course will focus on presentational skills, dyadic communication and interviewing, and group communication. This class may be taken by Communication and Journalism majors only with the permission of the department chair.

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