‌‌Exploring COJO

On behalf of everyone in the Department of Communication and Journalism—what we affectionately call “COJO”—welcome.

With the emergence of the digital age, the changes in the way we all give and receive information, and the increasingly important need for communicators to be not only effective but ethical, we think this is a fascinating time to study communication and journalism.

In our department, we teach the skills that professional communicators need and that employers are looking for. That begins with storytelling. It’s the essence of the job, whether that job is in public relations, advertising, politics, journalism, the law, the non-profit world, or teaching. Using audio, video, the web and the good old printed page, our students learn to tell clear and compelling stories using words and images.

COJO students aren’t, however, only practitioners. They also develop a solid foundation in the theory of communication. Theory and analysis courses allow our students to examine communication through a variety of theoretical lenses. They also explore communication in specific contexts that range from interpersonal and intercultural to mass-mediated.

To put their skills and knowledge into practice, COJO students can work as reporters, editors, videographers, public relations and advertising sales representatives, and graphic designers for our award-winning online student media organization, TommieMedia.com. They can also develop their professional skills as members of the Communication Club, the Ad Club or the Public Relations Student Society of America, and they can participate in the National Student Advertising Campaign. Off-campus, students can find ample opportunities to complete internships at news organizations, advertising and PR agencies, non-profits, and sports teams.

Finally, and importantly, we care about making the world a better place, and we think communication plays a fundamental role. Therefore, our department places an emphasis on ethical communication. In fact, every COJO student takes our capstone course in communication ethics where the focus is on doing ethics rather than just learning about it.

Take some time to explore our website. It gives you more details about our department. If we can answer any questions or provide further information, stop by and see us anytime on the first floor of the O’Shaughnessy Educational Center (OEC).

We look forward to your joining us as a COJO student.


 To learn more about what makes our department special, check out this video produced by COJO student Austin Riordan: