Learning Together: Welcome from the Assistant Director

The University of St. Thomas Child Development Center (UST CDC) is committed to the development and promotion of best practices in early childhood education.  This commitment has led to a number of program initiatives that are of particular benefit to the broader St. Thomas community. University students are involved in our program through volunteer work, paid student employment, academic fieldwork and internships.  Opportunities to fulfill classroom observation requirements, literacy assessments and other classroom assignments, along with student research, are all supported through our program. 

Our mission to create a stimulating environment for children and families where the uniqueness of each individual is embraced extends to our partnership with University students. We strive to provide a variety of learning opportunities in a setting that is inclusive and fosters diversity, allowing students to share their talents and knowledge in a collaborative setting. We support students in realizing a well-rounded experience within the campus community and beyond.

Student Employment

University students are hired to work part time as child care aides in our classrooms, which includes infants, toddlers and preschool. Find more information here.

Student Volunteering

Students may volunteer in our program working with children with ages ranging from infants through preschool, under the supervision or our full time professional staff. Fine more information here.


The UST Child Development Center offers opportunities for experiential learning through our internship project. Find more information here.

Other Opportunities

The Child Development Center also works with students for student research, observation opportunities and classroom assignment opportunities. Fine more information here.