ACS Meeting 2017

May 21, 2017 / By: UST Chemistry Department
Spring ACS 2017

Twenty-two students and one faculty member from the Chemistry Department presented their research at the 253rd American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition, held April 2-6 in San Francisco, California.

Students of Dr. Kristine Wammer:

Brady Anderson, “Environmental Photochemistry of the Polycyclic Musks Tonalide and Galaxolide,” Maddie Hankard, “Environmental Photochemistry of Dienogest: Photolysis, Regeneration, and Product Bioactivity” and Jessie O’Brien, “Aqueous Photolysis of the Steroid Gestrinone in the Presence of Sodium Azide” (

Students of Dr. Tom Ippoliti:

Evan Keil, Josiah Bardwell, Timon Higgins and Ogorek, “Synthesis of Novel Oxazolidinone Antibacterials,” Taylor Lesmeister, “Synthesis of Oxazolidinones Containing Tricyclic Fused Rings” and Larson, “Discovery of a Novel Mechanism for Cyclopropyl Ring Opening”; and Landon Crippes, “Synthesis of Novel Blood Sugar Lowering Compounds” (at the Chem Demo Exchange)

Students of Dr. Bill Ojala:

Kiersten Idzorek, “Solid-State Chemistry of Dimers of a Sterically Hindered Benzonitrile Oxide,” Maria Neuzil, “Solid-State Studies of Benzonitrile Oxides and their Dimers: Crystal Structure of a 1,2,4-Oxadiazole,” Stodolka, “Solid State Dimerization of Nitrile Oxides:  3-Chlorobenzonitrile Oxide” and Samantha Whitcomb, “Solid-State Chemistry of Dimers of Reactive Nitrile Oxides” 

Students of Dr. Marites Guino-o

Sydney Steger, “Synthesis of Imidazole, Triazole, and Benzimidazole Salts”

Students of Dr. Tom Marsh:

Evan Kalb, “G-Quadruplex Specific Ligands Attenuate Supramolecular G-DNA Assembly” 

Students of Dr. Lisa Prevette:

Anna Folska, “Lipid Membrane Interaction Thermodynamics of Cell-Penetrating Peptides,” Hannah Ganzel, “Binding Affinity of Polycation-Coated Au Nanoparticles to Gram Positive Bacterial Cell Walls,” Francesca Ippoliti, “Acid-Labile Oleoyl-PEG Orthoester Micelles for Controlled Drug Delivery”

Students of Dr. Justin Donato:

Jill Kolasinski, “Identification of Non-Ribosomal Peptide Synthetase (NRPS) Enzymes to Find Naturally Occurring Secondary Metabolites” and Bridget McGivern, “Investigating the Diversity of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Cultures Derived from Activated Sludge Bacterial Communities Following Exposure to Low Doses of Triclosan”

Students of Dr. Eric Fort:

Kristen Berger, “Novel Route to Acridines” 

Students Crippes and  Steger also demonstrated how to make a “bouncy ball” using chemistry at the Chem Demo Exchange as part of the Chemical Education Division.

Faculty member Dr. Tom Ippoliti (with student co-author Larson) presented a talk titled, “Proton-Activated Reactions of Cyclopropylamine.”