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Eric Fort

Associate Professor
B.S. University of St. Thomas
Ph.D. Boston College
OWS 463
(651) 962-5588
Toll Free
(800) 328-6819, Ext. 2-5588
OSS 402

Professional Interests

Research in the Fort lab focuses on the synthesis and reactivity of unique aromatic systems. Our projects aim to rationally design structures that have new and interesting properties by combining computational chemistry with organic synthesis. Many of the molecules we work with may some day find applications in organic electronic devices or in imaging of biological systems.

If you are interested in joining the research group, contact Dr. Fort.

Summer 2018 Courses

Summer 2018 Courses
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Fall 2018 Courses

Fall 2018 Courses
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CHEM 202 - 01 Organic Chemistry II M - W - F - - 0815 - 0920 OWS 275

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M - W - F - -

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0815 - 0920


OWS 275

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42496 (View in ClassFinder)

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4 Credit Hours


Eric H. Fort

Continuation of CHEM 201. Offered spring semester. Prerequisite: A minimum grade of C- in CHEM 201

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J-Term 2019 Courses
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