Helping Women Become Entrepreneurs for Good (PAST)

A 4-part series for women who want to make a living putting their passions into action. Led by local social entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Academy for Women's Empowerment, Kristi Hemmer. Co-sponsored by the Luann Dummer Center for Women and the Social Innovation Collaboratory.


Two women collaborating in an office; a laptop sits in front of the one to the right. - Center list item Helping Women Become Entrepreneurs for Good

Connecting with Changemakers (PAST)

A once-monthly lunchtime brainstorming session with a local social innovator or Ashoka fellow and a small group of St. Thomas students, faculty, and staff. Together, we’ll work through a “problem of practice” in the guest speaker’s field, building community around a shared concern and learning some social innovation problem-solving skills through hands-on experience.


image composed of three images for the three non-profits represented by the speakers in this series: two students sitting together, World Savvy; three garbage cans with recycling stickers on them, Recycle Across America; and a child being held in a parent's arms, Alia. - Center list item Connecting with Changemakers