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Changemakers Storytelling

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‌‌In the interest of building a common vocabulary and awareness around changemaking, social innovation, and social entrepreneurship on campus, we are beginning this semester to amplify the diverse voices of changemakers at St. Thomas.

This is Phase One of what will be a two-phase storytelling project. We will begin this semester to feature semi-monthly news items on our website about and written by changemaking Tommies. We are calling these "blog posts," but really they're just short essays at this point since they will lack the usual commenting and discussion feature of blogs. Each “post” will be written by a different changemaking student, faculty, staff, alumni or community member.  

Therefore, we invite any interested member of the St. Thomas community to submit a post. Unsolicted posts will be reviewed by the editorial board and you will be contacted about whether it has been accepted and, if so, its editorial schedule.

Guidelines for blog posts

Goal: Illustrate some aspect of changemaking/social innovation/social entrepreneurship for our St. Thomas community.  You can write about something you think, something you've done, or something that someone else has done that helps readers better understand a small aspect of changemaking. Helping to build campus awareness around changemaking by providing examples is the ultimate goal.

Use one of the following prompts to help focus your piece, or take another approach altogether. See a variety of examples at

  • Tell us about changemaking or a changemaking event that you have engaged in.
  • Lift up a changemaker you know of by telling his or her story.
  • Help readers understand some aspect of changemaking terminology or practice.
  • Help readers understand why you're excited about the Ashoka Changemaker Campus designation.
  • Share with readers how you make sense of changemaking – there are multiple ways and definitions, including your own!
  • Share with readers the most helpful resource about social innovation/changemaking/etc. you've encountered and explain why you like it so much.
  • The possibilities are endless!



  • Write an essay that is 500-1500 words – choose a length that suits you.
  • Try to use at least one changemaking term in your piece, and define it for readers (knowing of course that there is no single correct definition).
  • Provide illustrative or concrete details.
  • Include images if you have them, if you have permission to use them. We can also help with this.
  • Know that you will get feedback and help in shaping your piece before publishing it and that we won’t post the final draft till we get approval from you.
  • Keep it in a natural, first-person voice, if at all possible; it’s ok to show your personality.
  • Your piece will be professionally copy-edited by someone with experience editing books and blogs; if you need help brainstorming or focusing, we can do that, too!

As you write, it may be helpful to revisit the our webpage about the various terminology surrounding changemaking, social innovation, and social entrepreneurship.

Submitting for review

You may submit an idea for a post (a "Proposal") or a fully written post.  Our editorial board will review your submission and get back to you to inform you about whether it has been accepted and, if so, provide guidelines for further developing your submission for publication.

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