What is a Changemaker?

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Changemaking is positive societal impact that can be achieved in many ways by one student, faculty, campus, or college to ignite positive social change in our community.

At St. Thomas, the Social Innovation Collaboratory facilitates the way we can connect across the university and into the community to catalyze social innovation. We help individuals and groups; faculty, students, staff, and alumni; and campus and community organizations build networks and grow relationships in order to solve today's most pressing problems in our neighborhoods and world. Only together -- as a "team of teams" that works across disciplines, brick and mortar boundaries, and other obstacles that characterize the traditional university -- can we collaborate to leverage St. Thomas's vast and diverse resources to galvanize change.
All for the Common Good.

How Can You Get Involved?

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Changemaking is more than St. Thomas giving back to the community, to which our long and rich history is testament. Changemaking results in our campus and community advancing together. Our whole university will become more empathetic, skillful, and actively engaged. Our partner organizations will become more robust and resilient. And our community members will become more empowered and connected. For more information on how you can be part of this transformational change in education and our community, click on any of the buttons below.


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