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Web Conference: Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Web Conference

Creating Corporate Conscience: Instituting Ethical Conduct in Organizations with SAIP

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During this hour-long panel discussion you will learn how to clarify the hazard to which business ethics is a response and identify the idea of conscience in relation to corporate culture. An agenda for shaping corporate culture with three broad imperatives – orienting, institutionalizing and sustaining conscience in the organization – will be recommended. The panel will address this conceptual foundation through specific corporate examples and implementation instruments. In concert with questions from participants, they will seek to show concretely how comparable organizations have developed ethical corporate cultures that institutionalize ethical values.

Michelle Rovang Burke, director, Veritas Institute, University of St. Thomas


  • T. Dean Maines, president, Veritas Institute, University of St. Thomas
  • Dr. Michael Naughton, John A. Ryan Institute for Catholic Social Thought, University of St. Thomas
  • Dr. Kenneth Goodpaster, Koch Endowed Chair in Business Ethics, University of St. Thomas

University of St. Thomas Press Release, 01/22/2009