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2011 Inductee: Emma Rovick

With a significant amount of determination and strong leadership, Emma Rovick, a housewife and mother of three, built Edina Realty to be one of the largest real estate companies in the nation. While expanding the company from a single branch to a full-service real estate company, Ms. Rovick’s emphasis on the importance of honesty, integrity and commitment were imbedded in the company values.

In 1955, Ms. Rovick borrowed $2,000 to buy a struggling real estate firm with the hopes of using the profit to buy her daughter a piano. With this purchase, she inherited three sales people and went on to sell $2 million in real estate that first year. Edina Realty began with a single office location on 50th Street and France.

Ms. Rovick’s personal values are evident in the way that she operated the company. One thing Ms. Rovick was best known for was her desire to never feel the need to cross the street to avoid encountering a past client. She is quoted as stating “If the time ever comes when we cannot sell a home with integrity and concern for the family, then we need never sell another one.” She expected everyone in her company to conduct business according to this philosophy.

Through Ms. Rovick’s strong leadership, Edina Realty grew from that single office to a company that also included a mortgage company known today as Edina Realty Mortgage. In 1978, Edina Realty was the first real estate company in the Midwest to reach $200 million in sales volume in just one year. In 1984, Ms. Rovick’s sons, Roger and David Rovick, bought the company from her. At that time, there were an estimated 800 sales associates and sales volumes reached $959 million.

Today, the company Ms. Rovick began in 1955 to buy her daughter a piano has expanded to be one of the nation’s largest real estate companies. Edina Realty now includes approximately 60 real estate offices throughout Minnesota, North Dakota and western Wisconsin, and nearly 2,100 realtors.