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For Faculty

Faculty Advisors are responsible for the following aspects of the consulting program:

Beginning of Project

Attend an initial meeting between the student team and the client, to introduce the student team to the SBI client, explain the workings of the SBI program and facilitate the development of rapport between client and SBI team.
In addition, this initial meeting will permit the instructor and the team to gain a better perspective of the client, the type of business and the nature and dimension of the problem facing the business firm.
Instructors are required to provide the SBI coordinator with a signed Statement of Confidentiality form.

Ongoing Activities

Monitor each SBI project, periodically ascertaining the direction and progress of each project, as well as offering advice and counsel to the SBI team upon request, or when deemed appropriate by the instructor.
Such advice and counsel is in addition to, not in lieu of, the efforts of the SBI team. The fundamental responsibility for the successful completion of the SBI project remains with the SBI team.
Develop a classroom environment and procedures which will be conducive to the development of a synergistic effect in which the best talents of all the students can be used to reach the ultimate goal of outstanding SBI projects.

End of Project

Attend a final meeting between the SBI team and the client in which the completed SBI project is formally presented to the client.

Faculty Forms

Confidentiality Agreement: All Faculty Advisors sign a Confidentiality Agreement to hold in complete confidence all proceedings involved with their SBI project.

Expense Report: File faculty expense forms for project expenses incurred. Please read the SBI Expense Policy prior to submitting the expense form.

Please contact the SBI Project Coordinator for the details of the faculty Expense Form or contact a marketing staff member at McNeely 201.

Phone: 1-651-962-5097
Fax: 1-651-962-5093