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High Performance Health Care


The Center for Health and Medical Affairs conducts many activities to support the delivery of “high performance health care.” A high-performing health care system will have outstanding clinical quality, low costs and be trusted and engaged by its patients.

High performance is achievable by both individuals and health care systems if three components are present. First, the delivery of health care services must use the best evidence-based contemporary clinical diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Second, health care leaders need to use the most effective leadership practices to drive individual and organizational performance. Finally the best science-based management practices need to be deployed throughout the delivery system.

The research and educational programs of CHMA are focused on supporting the achievement of high performance health care through improvements in the leadership and management of health care organizations.

CHMA supports the two national standards that best exemplify the achievement of high performance health care. For individuals the Health Care Leadership Alliance set of competencies provides a national standard. The Baldrige award Health Care Criteria provides the framework to measure organizational excellence.

Individual Performance

Organizational Performance

CHMA and High Performance Health Care