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Dr. Guy Clifton, author of Flatlined: Resuscitating American Medicine

In partnership with Senator Dave Durenberger and the National Institute of Health Policy, the University of St. Thomas welcomed Dr. Guy Clifton to campus to discuss his new book, Flatlined: Resuscitating American Medicine.

Arguing that a lack of coordinated care and quality medical practice benchmarks result in high levels of redundancy and ineffectiveness, Dr. Clifton proposes that the key to reducing health care costs, improving quality and financially protecting the uninsured is to reduce wastefulness. In his book and in his presentation, Dr. Clifton offered solutions for achieving success.

Guy L. Clifton, M.D. is a neurosurgeon, clinical investigator, administrator and health policy advocate. He is the Runnells Distinguished Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and has been frequently included in Best Doctors of America. A 2006–2007 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellow, he is now devoting himself full-time to health policy reform.

“Reactor Panel” featured:

  • Sanne Magnan, MD, PhD: Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Health and former president of the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI)
  • Brent Asplin, MD: Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine at Mayo Clinic; formerly department head, Emergency Medicine, at Regions Hospital
  • Brendon Cullinan, MD: Medical Director for Primary Care, Hennepin County Medical Center

Panel moderated by Joe White, principal, Health Care, LarsonAllen LLP

Dr. Clifton’s Presentation

A Roadmap to Value (PowerPoint)

Video of Presentation

Jack Militello Welcome

Dave Durenberger Introduction

Guy Clifton Introduction

The Problem in Texas

Cost is the Problem

Medicare Insolvency

A Roadmap to Value

Changes in Health Care Spending

Options to Manage Costs

Categories of Unnecessary Spending

Benchmarks of Quality

Inefficient Hospitals

LDS Hospital, Intermountain Health Care

Management of Chronic Disease

Approach for Reducing Cost and Increasing Quality

Video of Panel Reaction

Panel Introductions

Brendon Cullinan, MD

Brent Asplin, MD

Sanne Magnan, MD