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Center for Innovation in the Business of Healthcare


 Issues in the US healthcare system

Although the  American health care system continues to deliver some of the highest quality clinical care in the world it continues to be challenged by high cost, variable quality and lack of effective patient engagement.

In many ways the business aspects of health care are a prime cause of this dysfunction. Many contemporary business practices that support other industries are not yet being effectively deployed in the US health care system.

The Center for Innovation in the Business of Health Care (CIBH) is engaged in studying health care business platforms with the purpose of providing innovative management solutions in terms of business modelling, analytics, and leadership.  The Center is working on projects centered in change management facilitation, operations research, and joint problem solving with industry experts.

A primary focus of CIBH is  on identifying and facilitating change in the value chain. Many other industries have developed sophisticated supply chains and organizational relationships and the Center believes these concepts can now be applied in healthcare

The Value Chain in Healthcare

The value chain is defined as:

Components of the value chain

  • Populations
  • Patients/Consumers
  • Providers of care
  • Suppliers to the provider systems (Med device, pharma, construction, IT etc.)
  • Payers for Care
  • Purchasers of care (Companies, individuals, Medicare/Medicaid)

Influencers of the Value chain

  • Government
  • Education

The Center Innovation Platform

To address this problem the CIBH is in the process of creating an Innovation platform.

Issues in the value chain are first identified by the CIBH team and the OCB advisory roundtable.  Then a group of experts from each element of the value chain are convened into a “Salon.”  The term Salon is used in its historical meaning as a small group of notable individuals that convene regularly to address issues.

In addition to individuals in the health care value chain the Salon will also include OCB faculty experts in areas such as supply chain management and analytics.  Experts from outside the healthcare industry will also be asked to participate.   Salon participants will work through a highly disciplined process to identify potential solutions to the issue identified.

Center Projects

The Center has a number of projects focused on improving the value chain and they can be found here.