Amanda Post

Year: Senior 

Hometown: Forest City, Iowa 

Major: Communication and Journalism, Business Administration minor 

Fun Facts

Favorite meal at the View: Do the chocolate fudge cookies count as a meal? 
Fun Fact: I was once an extra in a movie! 
Best study spot on campus? I usually like hanging out by the Loft in the student center because I can sip coffee and run into friends (Did I mention I'm a Communications major?). If I REALLY need to get work done, I prefer obscure nooks in the library.  

What advice do you have for students who are exploring majors?

Be open to new majors! I switched during the spring semester of my sophomore year, and I will still graduate in 4 years. Furthermore, if you do change majors, look for ways to put your previous classes toward a minor. 

What drew you to this major?

When I arrived at St. Thomas, I planned on majoring in Business Leadership and Management. As I got farther along in my business courses, I found myself wishing I had more communication experience. Thanks to the help of my wonderful advisors, I enrolled in entry level Communication and Journalism (COJO) classes in order to get a feel for the department. I fell in love and quickly changed my major. The small class sizes, engaging and caring professors, and fascinating curriculum are just a few examples of all the COJO department has to offer! 

What core class has surprised or influenced you the most?

One of my favorite classes at St. Thomas was my second Theology requirement – The Person and Mission of Jesus with Dr. Mark McInroy. My Christian faith is very important to me, and this class gave me an intense academic perspective on Jesus’ life and purpose. I also loved my Interpersonal Communication class with Dr. Carol Bruess.

What have you learned about yourself by being a COJO major? 

I’ve learned a lot about myself through my course studies, particularly my career interests. Fall semester of my junior year, I designed and conducted original research in my Communication Inquiry: Research Methods course entitled, "The Effects of Interruptions and Perceived Empathy in Overall Healthcare Satisfaction." I now know that I am passionate about improving healthcare through innovative research and powerful language.