Bobby Martin

Year in School: Senior

Majors: Double Major - Political Science and Information Systems

Summer Internship: Web Developer Internship at the City of St. Paul, Office of Technology and Communications

Fun Facts

Favorite meal at the View? Pad Thai bar is for sure the best!

Best study spot on campus? I'm hesitant to give this secret away, but floor 3.5 in the library is very peaceful and quiet.

Fun Fact? I am a twin!

What would you tell your freshman self?

Don't stay too fixated on your notion of a "dream job." As cliché as it sounds, college gives you 4 years to develop and change your mind. I went into college wanting to be a lawyer, and since then I have pivoted to technology strategy. Enjoy every role you are in and have fun with it!

About the Internship

How did you find out about your internship? I discovered this internship through the TommieCareers website.

What was the application process? When applying, I had to submit a resume, cover letter, and portfolio of past work. I was lucky enough to get a phone interview, which led to an in-person interview at their office in City Hall.

Describe your internship in 35 words or less: I am primarily responsible for website edits (content/style), bug fixes, and training new users. I am working closely with departments to provide custom technology solutions that improves business procesess. 

What have you learned? I have been able to advance my skills in HTML, CSS, SCSS, PHP, Git, and Javascript. In the coming months, I will be working with more Office365 tools, such as PowerApps and Dynamics.

Any cool perks? With my interest in politics, my boss is setting up a lunch with the mayor for me. They also allow us to decide our work strategy so we can get into new technology areas and pick up helpful resume skills.