Internship Spotlight - abby johnson

What would you tell your freshman self?

I would tell my freshman self to dive into every opportunity and experience that I can!

About the Internship

How did you find out about your internship?  I grew up loving Disney World and dreaming about working for the company, and then during high school when I was there on a trip I asked a cast member (Disney employee) how she got her start in the company. She then explained all about the Disney College Program, and it instantly became my goal to participate in it!

What was the application process?  The application process was a very competitive three step process. The first step was a pretty generic online application, the second step was a web-based interview that was almost like a personality assessment, and the third step was a phone interview with a Disney recruiter. Not everyone that applies moves onto the second or third steps, and for those that do it could take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to move on so the whole process is pretty stressful.

Describe your internship in 35 words or less:  My internship was going through intensive training and learning about the Disney company, working as a hostess in a restaurant in one of the theme parks: Hollywood Studios, and living with other program participants.

What have you learned?  I have learned so much about how to provide exceptional customer service, and some of the ins-and-outs of a Fortune 500 company. But even more so I learned how to work with and how to provide service to people from all over the world and from all walks of life.

Any cool perks?  The best perk was that I got to go into all of the Disney parks for free whenever I wanted to! As a cast member, we also got great discounts, special tours, and just the opportunity to see all of the behind the scenes that goes into Disney World.