Student Bobby Martin sitting next to text

Internship Spotlight
Bobby Martin, class of 2018
Major: Political Science, B.A.
Information Systems, B.S.
Internship: Web Developer,
City of St. Paul

Kari Solheim

Year in School: Senior

Majors: Marketing Management

Summer Internship: ALDI District Manager Internship 

Fun Facts

Favorite meal at the View? The cereal bar, because it always has such a wide variety of options that satisfied my mood. I love that cereal is offered at all meals, because as a college student cereal is an acceptable meal at any time of the day! 

Best study spot on campus? The Sunberg Center on the 3rd floor of ASC. This is my favorite spot because it is steps away from The Loft coffee shop and has beautiful views of the quad!

Fun Fact? I have visited over 25 countries! 

What would you tell your freshman self?

This question made me laugh because I would tell my freshman self A LOT of things. One of the big things I would emphasize is that college is a unique time to personally explore and mature. During this time so many things change and are thrown at you (both celebratory moments and adversity), so just slow down, take a breath and enjoy the best four years of your life! My career path was not always clear to me during my freshman and sophomore years. However, each of my prior summer internships provided a foundation and fund of knowledge for the next - setting the stage for the next experience. The University of St. Thomas offers great career support and guidance to explore, learn and prepare us for entry into our respective professions upon graduation; so, don't be afraid to ask for help. I would also tell my freshman self to connect with professors. Your professors are not just there to challenge you in the classroom, they have great professional experience upon which you can learn and network. 

About the Internship

How did you find out about your internship? I found out about the internship through the St. Thomas ALDI Student Ambassador who hosted events on campus and connected with students interested in the Internship and full-time District Manager position.

What was the application process? The application process was very simple and straight forward. I applied to ALDI online prior to the MNPC Job & Internship Fair. I then attended the ALDI table at the fair and spoke with a representative and interviewed from there. 

Describe your internship in 35 words or less: My Internship with ALDI was both rewarding and challenging because I was asked to independently execute on real tasks. Each day was different, and I learned hands on from the best in the company. 

What have you learned? I learned so many things during my Internship with ALDI that could not have been taught in a classroom. Specifically, I learned from the District Managers how communication, collaboration and implementing efficiencies can help grow and lead a multi-million-dollar district. Running a district takes a lot of hard work, strategic planning, hands-on leadership, efficient store operations, and positive communication.

Any cool perks? District Managers are given the keys to a fully expensed AUDI A3 and iPhone on the first day of the job. As a District Manager Intern, you aren't given a car or phone for the 10-week Internship, but you are reimbursed for gas and depreciated on your car, which is a pretty unique intern-perk.