Murphy Online Information System

Murphy Online is home to important information. You can access it through the Quick Links drop down on the St. Thomas homepage or by typing it into the search bar. Think of it as your interactive record or file. Here's a breakdown of Murphy Online's services.

Personal Information:

This is where you provide the information of who to contact in case of an emergency. You can also sign up for emergency alerts here.

Student Services:

When it's time to register for classes, students are allotted time slots based on credit hours. It's a good idea to check your registration status (date and time you can register) well before it's time to do so. You can also look up classes, view your transcript or degree evaluation, student employment information, financial account, housing and meal plans, and health records.

Employee Services:

If you have a job on campus, you can find your pay information here.

Financial Aid:

Apply for financial aid, view financial aid status and eligibility, acept award offers, and view loan applications. If you have questions about understanding and navigating financial aid, contact the Financial Aid department to speak to your financial aid counselor.

Parking Services:

Apply for parking permits, view outstanding citations, and review citation history.

eBill & ePay System:

View and pay all university expenses.