The University of St. Thomas is a Catholic comprehensive urban university that emphasizes values-centered, career-oriented education. With more than 10,000 students, it is Minnesota's largest private college or university. The university welcomes students of all ages, religions, races and financial backgrounds.

A big part of college is deciding on a major, and each major falls under and academic department. There are many academic departments and resources devoted to helping your succeed on your academic journey from before your first semester to after graduation. Browse more sections in the dropdown tab below.

Academic Advising

There are many steps necessary to successfully plan and carry out your academic career. You’ll need to narrow down which classes to take each semester and make sure each semester adds up to the right requirements needed to graduate in a reasonable amount of time. Along the way, you may also seek resources about exploring possible majors, test anxiety, study skills, or learning disability services.

You would start by contacting you faculty adviser, a full-time professor at St. Thomas who is assigned to you when you start college. St. Thomas also has an Academic Counseling & Support Office, where you can talk with academic counseling staff who are knowledgeable about all degree requirements, and they want to help you get it right. Their office is located in Murray-Herrick (MHC) 110. Visit their website for a more detailed view of what they do and how to contact them.

Online Information and Learning Management Systems

As a student, you will need to know how to use Murphy Online and Blackboard/Canvas, which are online information and learning management systems. Click on the images below to access a breakdown of what each system does and how to use it. 

Link to Murphy Online

Link to Murphy Online - Murphy Online

Link to Canvas

Link to Canvas -Canvas

Tommie Tip

It’s a great idea to get in the habit of asking a question, even if it’s not to the right person the first time you try. It’s likely that he or she will be able to connect you with someone who has the answer you’re looking for!