Second Year

Learn About Yourself

  • Reflect on questions like:
    • What classes did you most enjoy last year?
    • What skills have you developed?
    • What things surprised you?
    • What are practical ways you can maximize your education and related activities?

Engage in Scholarly Activities and Monitor Your Degree Progress

  • Visit with the chair and faculty members in the academic department(s) in which you are most interested.
  • Officially declare your academic major after you have completed a minimum of 48 credits.
  • Continue to make use of academic resources (Math Resource Center, Center for Writing, department tutors, links).
  • Meet with your faculty advisor at least 2 times per term. See Academic Counseling & Support website to best prepare for your faculty advisor meetings.
  • Create a 4 year (or more) graduation plan with an academic counselor.

Get Involved and Connected

Broaden Your Cultural Perspective

Explore Career Goals

  • Continue to assess your interests, skills, and values. Identify what is important to you in a job.
  • Research major/career options and review the following websites:
  • Create a profile on TommieCareers, and investigate internships and part-time career related employment through the online job listings.
  • Update your resume and have it reviewed by a career counselor.
  • Attend Career Development Center workshops
  • Begin to build a personal career network
    • Maximize everyday connections with friends, classmates, family, co-workers, etc.
    • Create a LinkedIn profile and join our group, ASK - Alumni Sharing Knowledge
    • Conduct informational interviews or schedule job shadow opportunities