Fourth Year

Monitor Degree Progress

  • Review your degree evaluation and ensure that your fall and spring enrollments will allow you to meet all graduation requirements by the end of your senior year. Consult with your faculty advisor or an academic counselor, if necessary.
  • Consult with your faculty advisor and Academic Counseling & Support about careers in your field, opportunities for professional development, networking, etc.

Prepare for a Fulfilling Career

  • Identify what elements are most important to you in a career/job.
  • Update your resume and meet with a career counselor to establish your individual plan for conducting an effective job search. Plan to start your job search 6-9 months prior to graduation.
  • Update your Tommie Careers profile. This will allow us to send you the information you need about job opportunities and events.
  • Take advantage of any opportunity you have to network with people in person. Join associations, attend alumni and networking events, and schedule in-person meetings. Develop and improve your LinkedIn profile and network.
  • Attend Career Development Center workshops and employer information sessions
  • Connect with employers at career fairs including the Minnesota Private Colleges Job & Internship Fair, and the Government and Non-Profit Career Fair.
  • Consider developing a career portfolio to support your resume and interview effectiveness.
  • Purchase professional attire for interviews. Check out our resources and Pinterest boards for ideas on interview attire.
  • Schedule mock interviews during the fall and spring semesters.
  • Participate in On-Campus Interviewing to connect with larger corporations.
  • Learn about negotiating salary and benefits.
  • Prepare to apply to graduate or professional schools by having a resume and personal statement review.