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Community Partners

Partner with St. Thomas to recruit volunteers for your organization, collaborate with a course, or provide a service-learning opportunity.

We work with hundreds of community partners to create mutually-beneficial community engagement opportunities. Whether your goal is advocacy, addressing immediate needs through volunteering, or building healthy communities, there are many ways to partner with St. Thomas.


Here are just a few of the ways your organization can partner with students and faculty.

Provide Volunteer Opportunities

Our students are always looking for volunteer experiences for their course assignments, clubs and organizations, athletic teams, and more. We value the knowledge and skills you bring to the community engagement experience, allowing students to learn directly about social challenges from experts in the field.

Create Course Partnerships

Many of our faculty work with community partners to integrate hands-on experiences into their course curriculum through volunteer opportunities or a specialized project or collaboration activity. Through community-engaged courses, students have the opportunity to learn from the partner organization, and from the community represented by the organization, as part of their coursework.

Here are a few recent examples of how your organization can partner with a course:

  • German Studies students partnered with the local Germanic-American Institute to document life stories of institute members who immigrated to the United States around World War II.

  • Marketing students partnered with Minnesota AIDS Project to create prospective marketing campaigns for the organization’s upcoming merger with Rainbow Health.

  • Counseling and psychology students partnered with Regions Hospital to volunteer alongside behavioral health staff who work with patients experiencing mental illness.

Assist with Research

Our faculty are always looking for ways to make research more relevant to real-world situations and challenges. Partner organizations can provide new fieldwork opportunities or assist faculty throughout the research process to ensure that research is meaningful and actionable.