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Post-Graduate Opportunities

More Than Just A Job: Engage in Meaningful Work After Graduation While Impacting Your Community

Learn about gap year options, find service opportunities for after graduation or get career planning support through the Center for the Common Good.

Immediately after graduation, we encourage our Tommie alums to put their education, experience and values to work for the common good by particiapting in a Post-Graduate Service Program. These programs invite alums to commit a few months to a year or more to working with a community organization at a what is essentially their first post-grad professional job.

Post-Graduate Service programs, such as the 185+ Catholic Volunteer Network (CVN) faith-based member organizations, as well as programs like AmeriCorps and Peace Corps, allow grads to defer student loans, qualify for health insurance, and even earn money toward additional education or training while engaging in meaningful work with a community organization. Post-Graduate Service participants gain invaluable professional responsibilities, experience and mentorship while contributing something of value in collaboration with communities - and at a time of great need and possibilities within our communities.

Post-Graduate Service

Many St. Thomas grads choose to complete a full year or more of volunteer service after graduation as a way to put to their faith, values, education, and experiences to work for the common good. We help students to identify and apply for right-fit opportunities and to prepare for what can be a transformative learning experience.

Resources for Students

Students can look for service opportunities or get career planning support through OneStThomas.

Current Faculty, Staff and Students

If you are a St. Thomas student, staff or faculty, find more info about Post-Graduate Service opportunities via the Center for the Common Good's OneStThomas site.


AmeriCorps school literacy coachAmate House program as a prevention educator
"It was awesome! I got to tutor second graders and build bonds with the kids. Though I will say that being an AmeriCorps was hard... (I realized) that just the tutoring alone wasn't enough to fix the problems the children were facing." 

- Patricia Maddox, Faculty of Justice and Society Studies department

"I decided to do a year of service for many reasons, but mainly I wanted an opportunity to learn more about all the social injustices and what we can do to be a part of solutions." 

- Kate Nechanicky UST'20