Student Research


University of St. Thomas faculty and students connect research to relevant issues in the areas of community engagement and service learning.

Faculty and students at St. Thomas are active researchers. Their research often draws them into a local community where the community in turn informs their research. Together, they examine contemporary challenges and gather data that inform collective solutions.

What is Community-Engaged Research?

Community-engaged research invites community members to participate in all aspects of the research process. Through this collaborative approach, research can be more equitable and representative, can produce results that are more relevant to stakeholders, and can contribute to significant social change.

We help faculty and students connect their research to relevant social challenges in local communities. Through our relationships with community-based organizations, we work to identify right-fit partnerships, foster collaborative research environments, and assist with the review process.

For more about community-engaged research, here’s a helpful toolkit created by the Foundation for Sustainable Development.

Published Work

St. Thomas faculty publish research in leading journals to share their findings on community engaged research and to continue to make service-learning more effective, ethical, and beneficial for both students and community partners.

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