STEM Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education

‌‌Dr. Nepal

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The University of St. Thomas' Schools of Engineering and Education provide a STEM graduate certificate in Engineering Education. The STEM graduate certificate is designed for in-service P-12 educators who want hands-on experience in STEM education with engineering. The STEM graduate certificate program is a rigorous introduction to integrated STEM engineering content, with an emphasis placed on how to apply the material in P-12 STEM classrooms. The STEM graduate courses are taught in the UST School of Engineering facilities by faculty with a wide range of engineering and education experience. The STEM certificate program consists of four classes:

EGED 530 Fundamentals of Engineering (3 credits)
EGED 531 Engineering Design (3 credits)
TEGR 528 Engineering in the P-12 Classroom (3 credits)
and an Engineering Elective (3 credits) including EGED 612, EGED 613, EGED 614, EGED 699
TOTAL: 12 credits

Classes are offered throughout the year in formats including summer intensives, weekend classes, and courses with weekly meetings throughout the semester. We look forward to working with you to create a course plan that fits both your interests and your schedule. Contact Graduate Engineering at if you have any questions.