Program application, registration, scholarships and program completion

New Students

To apply to the graduate certificate program complete the online application.

On the first application page -- Create Account page -- fill in the following:

  • What degree are you seeking? -- Choose "Graduate"
  • What school are you interested in? -- Choose "School of Engineering"

On the second application page -- Enrollment Questions -- use the following responses:

  • Are you interested in a graduate or undergraduate degree? -- Choose "Graduate"
  • What college or school are you interested in? -- Choose "School of Engineering"
  • Degree -- choose "Certificate" (Do not chose Professional Development under "degree level".)

Note that your undergraduate transcript and a brief resume are required to apply.

The application fee for this certificate will be waived with the waiver code "EGED".

Graduate Engineering Education classes are $1200 for each 3 credit class. The four course graduate certificate costs $4800 if the application waiver is used and no scholarships are received.


Current Students 

All active students have been assigned a registration time ticket. View the class schedule at A few things to keep in mind as you register: 
1. You DO NOT need to reapply for program admission online. Simply log into your Murphy student account, and follow the registration directions located at
2. If the system does not allow you to register, check the student records tab in your Murphy student account. Within the Student Records tab you can select the View Holds option. If you have a hold, you’ll need to clear it with the appropriate department prior to course registration. If you need guidance on which course to register for, please contact your faculty advisor directly. 
3. If you are attempting to override a course pre-requisite or register for a project, independent study, or any other course that requires instructor permission, you will need to obtain the instructor’s written consent via email and then forward the message to
4. Find the Catalog checklist here CEE Catalog Checklist

Scholarship Applications

The CEE Newsletter is the first source used for distributing information on upcoming scholarship opportunities; sign up for the CEE Newsletter at
  • Generous support has been provided by an anonymous donor! We are grateful that we are offer engineering education courses at the discounted rate $1200/course.
  • Competitive $500 scholarships are available for participants with demonstrated need.
  • Find details at the competitive scholarship application.

Award of Certificate

Apply for the Award of Graduate Certificate the semester that your final, usually the fourth, course is taken. Follow directions on the Award of Graduate Certificate Application.