Catholic Women's Floor

The goals of the Catholic Women’s floor are to foster a sense of community among the women on the floor and reach out to the UST community. Programs and events will help women develop and grow in their own faith and share it with others. Programs may include attending Sunday Mass and brunch together, evening prayer, bible studies and accountability groups. Additionally, the women of the floor are encouraged to get involved in the UST community and the Twin Cities community. They are also encouraged to join clubs and groups of their own interest, as well as, provide service for the communities of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Recognizing that college is a busy and stressful time, time commitment to things outside the floor will be respected. To build community on the floor there will be some programs that the women will be expected to attend such as the brief prayer services at night. The idea was born out of a desire to encourage and improve the fellowship among Catholic women on campus. Anyone can live on this floor, however, the floor will have many Catholic elements such as attending Mass together, praying the Rosary and Eucharistic Adoration. The floor community is open to all faiths. For more information, visit the Catholic Studies Living Learning Communities website.

Catholic Studies Women's floor Actvity