Welcome to the Catholic Studies Talent Show!

This spring, the Catholic Studies Department will host its next Talent Show.  Hope you are getting an act ready!  In the past, acts have ranged from large groups singing and dancing, to solo pianists and other soloists, to comedians and barbershop quartets.  As usual, this event will conincide with the Catholic Studies Spring Visit, where prospective students spend a day (and night) on the Catholic Mens or Womens Floor (whichever is appropriate) to see what it would be like to be a UST student studying Catholic Studies.

Here is a record of past medal stands:

2013: Life Sounds Like...

  1. Big Spence and the Lefflerlettes (Spencer Leffler, Michael Bielijeski, Maxwell Carsaon, Ian Kenny, Andrew Perrydore, Jason Payne, and Thomas Rausch), performing "Johnny B. Goode" (as in Back to the Future)
  2. Charles Corbett, performing "The Sick Note"
  3. Flogging Tommy (Gemma Schaffer, Emily Brom, and Greg Billion), performing some traditional Irish Music

2012: A Night at the Oscars

  1. SJV Barbershop Quartet, performing "Harmony Time" (57:50)
  2. Heaney Family, performing "Route 66" (48:19)
  3. Elizabeth Bittner and Brian Kusek, performing "Arms" (Christina Perri) (13:25)