Catholic Men's House

Catholic Studies Living Learning Community Men's House

Under the protection of St. Michael the Archangel, in good fellowship with Christ, and in union with His Church, Catholic Studies seeks to gather laymen together aspiring to ideals of prayer, charity, brotherhood and study. Founded as part of the mission and under the direction of the Center for Catholic Studies, now in collaboration with Residence Life, these men will place these following ideals at the center of a life of integrity to self, to the world and most especially to God. The men of this community unite together to be formed as both students and men.

The Four Pillars:

  1. Charity: To love God and our neighbors
  2. Fellowship: Learning and living out brotherhood in Christ
  3. Study: Dedicated to intellectual formation and growth
  4. Prayer: Rooted in the faith and liturgy of the Catholic Church

The Men of the Catholic Studies living and learning community can expect the following aspects to govern the life of the house:

  • In general, students will be either a major or minor in Catholic Studies or will be taking at least one course in the department of Catholic Studies.
  • A faculty advisor from the department will serve as the principal contact with the house. They will help coordinate on a monthly basis faculty engagement with students in the household speaking about academic matters and topics, the complementarity of faith and reason and the importance of discerning a vocation, especially in relation to work. The faculty advisor in collaboration with Residence Life and current residents will evaluate applications for future residents.
  • A prefect will be assigned to each house who will serve as a liaison with faculty advisors and residence life. 
  • A chaplain will provide basic formation in Catholic life, liturgy, prayer, and practical wisdom. The chaplain will be assigned from the Center in collaboration with Campus Ministry and the Office of Mission.
  • The residents will experience a common Catholic life, of growing in prayer and in charity, in learning to live well with one another, in finding friendship, in taking responsibility for their living arrangements.  The residents will have opportunities to reach out to others in hospitality and provide programs with an evangelical spirit.   
  • This common life will be expressed by a written rule, with certain expectations to daily life, governance structure, etc. Examples of this are daily Morning Prayer and mass, community meals, etc.


1)   Deadline for Applications is February 16, 2018.
2)  Contact Dr. Michael Naughton if you are interested in applying. (Sitzmann Hall 105; 651.962.5712;  He will guide you through the two-stage application process.

a. Fill out an online registration form with Residence Life, indicating your interest in the Catholic Men's House.  Instructions for registering with Residence Life can be accessed at 2017-2018 Reapplication Help Guide.
b. Residence Life will then send you an application for the Men's House.  When you complete this application, you should send it to Dr. Michael Naughton (Mail 55-S, Sitzmann Hall).