Catholic Intellectual Formation. Career Preparation. 
Who says you can't have both?

The mission of Catholic Studies is the integration of faith and reason into every aspect of life.  Well informed and knowledgeable Catholics are needed in all of the professions, including health, law, business and more.  With this in mind, the majority of the current 250 Catholic Studies students also pursue a second major in one of the more than 90 fields of study offered at the University of St. Thomas.  Recent students have completed double majors in fields such as business, journalism, education, psychology, biology, and philosophy. Check out a few profiles of students in different fields.


Name: Jim
Majors: Biochemistry, Catholic Studies
Career Goal: Surgeon

- Center List Item - Jim


Name: Beth
Majors: Elementary Education, Catholic Studies
Career Goal: Teacher

- Center List Item - Beth


Name: Paul
Majors: Business Marketing, Catholic Studies
Career Goal: Commercial Insurance Marketing

- Center List Item - Paul