Why Catholic Studies?

If you are interested in studying business, the sciences, or any one our 90+ majors at St. Thomas, but also hope to integrate the Catholic faith into your academic and professional pursuits, Catholic Studies may be perfect for you! We have designed an interdisciplinary major or minor that fits beautifully alongside any of the many other majors of your choice here at St. Thomas.

We have over 300 students studying business, communications, neuroscience, and many other fields with Catholic Studies. Our students who are future engineers, lawyers and educators are attempting to answer this question: “How has the Incarnation impacted human thought and culture?”

Students graduating with a major in Catholic Studies will have a knowledge of the living Catholic tradition and will be conversant with resources from the Catholic intellectual tradition that will permit them to critically explore the history and contemporary significance of Catholicism. They will be familiar with major Catholic figures from a variety of cultural and historical settings and will be able to demonstrate a knowledge of the complex and broad history of the Catholic intellectual tradition.