The 4-1-4 Calendar

The undergraduate program follows a 4-1-4 calendar. The 4-1-4 calendar consists of a fall semester during the months of September through December, a four-week January term, and a spring semester during the months of February through May. Each Spring and Fall semester consists of approximately 14 weeks of classes and a four-day examination period.

Regular Semesters

During the fall and spring semesters, a student normally enrolls in sixteen credits.

The January Term

Students may enroll in a maximum of four credits in a January term.

Summer Sessions

The university offers two six-week sessions, one eight-week session and one twelve-week session during the months of June through August. A student may enroll in a maximum of eight credits in a given session, with a maximum of sixteen credits for the summer.


Please note, the The Dougherty Family College A.A. program is not in session during summer or J-Term.