Catalog of Record

The catalog of record may be a catalog that appears only online if changes occur between printed versions of the catalog. The catalog in effect at the time of matriculation is usually considered the catalog of record and determines the student’s graduation requirements. However, a student may wish to choose a later catalog issued before being graduated to take advantage of a revision of a major, for example.

Choosing the new catalog means accepting all changes in that catalog from the former one. If there is a change in core curriculum requirements, for example, the student will be responsible for those changes or will need to petition for a waiver. Generally speaking, the student may choose any catalog in force during the time the student is enrolled for a degree.

Students should contact the office of Academic Counseling if they wish to change their catalog of record

Commencement Ceremony

A single commencement ceremony is held in May for all students earning an undergraduate degree each year. Students who complete degree requirements at the end of Summer, Fall, January, and Spring terms participate in the May ceremony following the term in which requirements are completed, except that students are permitted to participate in the May ceremony if they are within 8 credits of completing all degree requirements. Students who are within 8 or fewer credits of completing degree requirements who wish to participate in the May commencement may petition the Registrar’s office for approval to do so.

Committee on Studies

The Committee on Studies is charged with interpreting the general academic requirements of the undergraduate program and has the authority to grant exceptions and waivers when warranted. It is composed of five elected faculty members and two students appointed by the Undergraduate Student Government.

Students can petition the committee by filling out a Committee on Studies Petition Form available from the Office of Academic Counseling & Support (located on the first floor of Murray-Herrick). Details regarding the petition process and the signatures required for various types of petitions are contained on the form.

Requests concerning major or minor field requirements should be addressed to the appropriate department chair.

Date of Graduation

Degrees are awarded at the end of Fall, January, Spring and Summer terms. The date of graduation will be the last day of the last term of registration for the course or courses needed to complete the student’s degree requirements. To be considered completed, all courses must have final grades. An Incomplete (I) or a Not Reported (NR) grade is not considered a final grade and must be changed before the degree will be awarded.


One diploma is awarded for each degree earned. Diplomas are distributed to graduates after the university has verified that all requirements for graduation have been settled. This may be several weeks after commencement. Diplomas will be sent to the graduate’s permanent address by mail.

The size of all diplomas is 8.5 x 11 inches. Information on the diploma includes the name of the university, the university seal, the graduate’s name, the degree represented by the diploma, and the date of graduation.


A transcript of a student’s academic record will be issued only upon receipt of a written request from the student. A form is available on the Website at Forward a completed and signed copy along with the transcript fee to the address on the form. Transcripts will not be issued to students who have a hold placed on their records