S-R Grades

  1. All Experiential Learning courses are marked with S for satisfactory work and R for unsatisfactory work.
  2. For Individual Study or Research courses, the mark of S is given for satisfactory work and the mark of R for unsatisfactory work. If a student wishes to be graded according to the regular system (A, B, C, D, F), this choice must be approved by the appropriate faculty supervisor and the department chair. In addition, this choice must be indicated on the form used to outline the individual study project.
  3. Several other courses in various departments are routinely marked with S for satisfactory and R for unsatisfactory work. The grading system for such courses is indicated as part of the regular course description.
  4. Courses which are routinely graded on the S-R system are not counted among the one-eighth of a student’s courses for which the S-D-R grading system may be selected.