S-D-R Grading

To encourage a wider choice of courses by lessening the student’s concern for the grade point average (GPA), selected courses may be taken using the S-D-R grading option, where “S” represents a satisfactory grade (the student would have received a letter grade of A, B, or C); “D” is the same as the letter grade of D; “R” represents unsatisfactory (failing) performance. The following rules apply to courses taken on this basis:

  1. The S-D-R grading option is not available for courses taken to fulfill a requirement in the core curriculum.
  2. No more than one-eighth of the credits taken through the undergraduate program may be taken on the S-D-R grading option.
  3. A student must complete a form at the Office of the University Registrar for any course to be taken on this basis. The published deadline date is in the academic calendar for each term.
  4. If the course is part of the major or minor program (including allied requirements), the signature of the department chair is required.
  5. If a student receives a letter grade of C- or above, the mark of S (satisfactory) and credit will be given. If the grade of D, D+, or D- is received, the student has the option of:
    1. accepting a mark of R with no effect on the GPA and no credit earned, or
    2. earning the credit with the grade of D, D+, or D- becoming the grade of record and used in computing the GPA.