Incomplete and Not Recorded Grades

The mark of “I” is used if the student has not completed the work of the course, has good reason for delay, and has made arrangements with the instructor before the date grades for the course are due to be submitted. Ordinarily, good reason will involve matters not wholly within the control of the student, such as illness. The mark may not be used to allow a student to improve a grade by additional work over and above that ordinarily expected for the course or by repetition of work already submitted to the instructor. The mark of “I” should not be used without prior arrangement between instructor and student.

If a mark of “I” is assigned, an incomplete form, available on the University Registrar’s website, must be submitted to the Registrar:  This form includes a description of work left to complete, a deadline for completion, the option for an instructor to provide a provisional grade based on work the student has completed to date, and signatures of both the student and instructor.

The student must complete the designated work and submit it to the instructor by the date designated on the form. The latest possible date for entering a final grade is May 1 for an “I” received in fall semester or January term; by December 1 for an “I” received in spring semester or a summer session

In the absence of a final grade report on or before the deadline, the mark of “I” will be changed by the University Registrar to the provisional grade assigned on the form, or to a grade of F or R if no provisional grade was assigned. The deadline may not be extended. The instructor may change a resulting F or R by means of university grade change policies and procedures