Department Examinations

Certain departments in the undergraduate program allow students to obtain credit for specific courses if they can demonstrate that they have mastered the content and method of the courses in question. Those interested in seeking credit in this fashion should contact the department chair of the appropriate department.

The examining faculty member offers no special instruction to the student except to furnish the syllabus of the course. If this is unavailable or of insufficient assistance to the student, the course should be taken as a regular semester offering or on an Individual Study basis.

A student may attempt to earn credit by examination only once for a particular course. Grades for courses taken in this way are usually given on an S/R basis unless the department has decided that a letter grade should be awarded.

Only courses for which credit is awarded will be posted on the transcript. A fee is charged for administering the examination.

The following departments offer the availability of credit by examination for selected courses. Departments not included in the list do not offer any courses under this option.

Art HistoryExaminations may be given for certain courses. Each case will be considered individually by the chair of the department.

Businessexaminations may be given with the consent of the chair of the department, contact the department with questions.

ChemistryExaminations may be given for CHEM 111 and/or CHEM 112, at the discretion of the chair of the department.

Communication and Journalism in special circumstances, credit by examination could be sought for courses in journalism with the following exceptions:

  • COJO 254 Photojournalism
  • COJO 470 Advertising and Public Relations Campaigns
  • COJO 480 Communication Ethics

Computer and Information Sciences under special circumstances and with the approval of the department chair, credit by examination could be sought for courses with the following exceptions:

  • CISC 320 Systems Analysis and Design I
  • CISC 321 Systems Analysis and Design II

Economics all courses, if circumstances warrant it, with the exception of:

  • ECON 315 Introduction to Econometrics
  • ECON 470 Research

Engineering all courses, if circumstances warrant it, with the exception of:

  • ENGR 480 Engineering Design Clinic I
  • ENGR 481 Engineering Design Clinic II

Each case will be considered individually by the department chair.

English under extraordinary circumstances, with the consent of the department chair, credit by examination may be sought for English courses with the following exceptions:

  • ENGL 121 Critical Thinking: Literature and Writing
  • ENGL 190 Critical Reading & Writing: Major Genres
  • ENGL 201 Text in Conversation: Perspectives on Genre and Craft
  • ENGL 202 Texts in Conversation: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
  • ENGL 203 Texts in Conversation: Thematic and Intertextual Perspectives
  • ENGL 204 Texts in Conversation: Perspectives on Language, Culture, and Literacy
  • ENGL 300 Theory and Practice of Writing
  • ENGL 421/422 Literary Magazine Practicum
  • ENGL 481 Senior Seminar

Foreign Language examinations may be given for certain courses. Each case will be considered individually by the department chair.

Geology GEOL 111 Introductory Geology I

Mathematicsa departmental examination is available for MATH 113 Calculus I with the following qualifications:

  • A score of 0 - 59 = no credit;
  • A score of 60 -79 = no credit but MATH 113 will be waived as a prerequisite;
  • A score of 80 - 100 = credit for MATH 113

Musicno courses are available. Tests in music theory and auditions for Performance Studies are used to determine placement and do not entail the awarding of credit.

Psychology in special circumstances, and with approval of the department, credit by examination may be sought for PSYC 111 General Psychology