Public Health and Social Work Co-Majors

 The fields of public health and social work share common commitments to the promotion and protection of health and welfare, particularly within vulnerable, and oppressed populations. The public health/social work double major crosses disciplinary boundaries, allowing students to address some of the world’s most pressing problems, combining excellence in social work education with in‐depth perspectives in public health.

A double major in public health and social work allows students to integrate public health’s focus on community‐based prevention and intervention strategies with social work’s emphasis on both individual and structural well‐being and strengths‐based approaches and to develop a strong skill set for health promotion.

Public health/social work graduates will be well prepared for careers in a variety of settings, including community and governmental organizations, clinical healthcare settings, social service agencies, and educational/research institutions.  The social work major will prepare students for generalist social work practice, including licensure at the baccalaureate level, and for entry into graduate social work programs (MSW) with advanced standing, meaning that they will be able to complete their MSW studies on an accelerated timeline.


Public Health (32 credits)

  • PUBH 220 Intro. to Public Health and Social Justice (4 credits)
  • PUBH 225 Global Health and Development (4 credits)
  • PUBH 300 Intro. to Epidemiology (4 credits)
  • PUBH 330 Health Policy (4 credits)
  • PUBH 350 Environment, Health and Justice (4 credits)
  • PUBH 450 Senior Seminar: Public Health for the Common Good (4 credits)
  • PUBH 465 Public Health Research Methods (4 credits)

One of the following:

  • PUBH 200 Emerging Infectious Disease and Global Health (4 credits)
  • Or PUBH 210 One Health: Humans, Animals and the Environment (4 credits)

Social Work (36 credits)

  • SOWK 181 Introduction to Social Work (4 credits)
  • SOWK 240 Human Behavior and the Social Environment (4 credits)
  • SOWK 355 Communication and Interviewing Skills (4 credits)
  • SOWK 375 Junior Fieldwork (2 credits)
  • SOWK 376 Junior Fieldwork (2 credits)
  • SOWK 381 Group Work Skills (4 credits)
  • SOWK 401 Generalist Practice I: Small Client Systems (4 credits)
  • SOWK 402 Generalist Practice II: Large Client Systems (4 credits)
  • SOWK 405 Senior Fieldwork (4 credits)
  • SOWK 406 Senior Fieldwork (4 credits)

Allied Requirements (16 credits)

  • ENVR 151 Environmental Challenges & Sust Solutions or BIOL 209 Biology of Sustainability (4 credits)
  • PSYC 111 General Psychology (4 credits)
  • PSYC 202 Lifespan Developmental Psychology (4 credit)
  • STAT 220 Statistics (4 credits)