Music Proficiencies and Recitals (MUSR)

Piano and Aural-Skills Proficiencies are required in all of the major emphases.

Recitals are required in all major emphases and in some minor emphases.

Recitals and proficiencies carry no course credit. All MUSR courses are graded on an S-R (pass/no-pass) basis.

Course Number Title Credits
MUSR  114 Aural Skills Proficiency 0
MUSR  200 Piano Proficiency 0
MUSR  214 Aural Skills Proficiency 0
MUSR  270 Level I Recital 0
MUSR  271 Level I Composition Recital 0
MUSR  290 Jazz Recital 0
MUSR  350 Level II Recital 0
MUSR  400 Orchestra Honors Concert 0
MUSR  450 Level III Recital 0