Science and Mathematics for Elementary Education (SMEE)

Rezac (MATH) (director), Hickson (GEOL), Marcus (CHEM), Besser (ENGR), Verhoeven (BIOL), Wehner (PHYS), Werness (CISC) 

Co-major with Elementary Education (K-6).

Note: A Co-major cannot be a stand-alone major.

This co-major provides an integrated background in science and mathematics appropriate for individuals who will teach in the elementary grades. The SMEE major was designed as a co-major along with elementary education and should be considered by students planning to pursue a degree in elementary education who wish to emphasize science and mathematics. Students should contact the program director, the Department of Teacher Education, or members of program faculty for further information on this co-major. SMEE is only available as a co-major for those students also majoring in elementary education.

Four credits from the following:

  • GEOL 111 Introductory Physical Geology (4 credits)
  • GEOL 114 The Science of natural Disasters (4 credits)
  • GEOL 115 Environmental Geology (4 credits)
  • GEOL 162 The Earth’s Record of Climate (4 credits)

Plus either:

  • BIOL 101 General Biology (4 credits)

or the course sequence:

  • BIOL 207 Genetics, Ecology and Evolution (4 credits)
  • BIOL 208 Biological Communication and Energetics (4 credits)
  • BIOL 209 Biology of Sustainability (4 credits) 

Plus either:

  • CHEM 100 Chemistry in Our World (4 credits)

or the course sequence:

  • CHEM 111 General Chemistry I (4 credits)
  • CHEM 112 General Chemistry II (4 credits)


  • CHEM 115 Advanced General Chemistry (4 credits) 

Plus either:

  • PHYS 101 Physics as a Liberal Art (4 credits)

or the course sequence:

  • PHYS 109 General Physics I (4 credits)
  • PHYS 110 General Physics II (4 credits)

or the course sequence

  • PHYS 111 Introduction to Classical Physics I (4 credits)
  • PHYS 112 Introduction to Classical Physics II (4 credits)


  • SMEE 181 Science Seminar (0 credit)
  • SMEE 182 Science Seminar (0 credit)
  • SMEE 359 Integrated Studies in Science and Mathematics (4 credits) 


  • CISC 120 Computers in Elementary Education (4 credits)


  • A specialization sequence consisting of eight or more additional credits in one department, to be approved by the student’s SMEE advisor. These courses will build on the “core courses” above and develop specialized knowledge in one of the areas served by the Division of Science and Mathematics.

Note: PHYS 104 Astronomy (4 credits) is for persons who may want to add 5-8 general science. Please see your advisor.

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