Data Analytics

Opus College of Business & College of Arts and Science, Interdisciplinary Program
Specifically the minor will offer courses from CISC department (statistics and computer science), OPMT (Operations and Supply Chain Management, and Econ (Economics).
This minor allows students to pursue an interest in data analytics while completing their normal field of study.  The minor is 5 courses or 20 credits in length.

Minor in Data Analytics

Required courses for minor:

  • STAT 220 Statistics I (4 credits)
  • OPMT 320 Decision Analysis (4 credits)
  • OPMT 470 Applied Analytics and Data Visualization (4 credits)

Plus four credits from the following:

  • CISC 200 Introduction to Computer Technology and Business Applications  (4 credits)
  • CISC 131 Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving (4 credits)

Plus four credits from the following:

  • STAT 333 Applied Statistical Methods (4 credits)
  • STAT 320 Statistics II (4 credits) 
  • ECON 311 Forecasting  (4 credits)
  • ECON 315 Introduction to Econometrics (4 credits)