Biology Department Large Equipment

Experimental research is an essential component of learning science.  The majority of faculty in our department actively engage students in their research, and mentor student researchers in long-term projects.  This research is supported by the successful acquisition of federal funds, as well as university, department, and locally awarded research grants. One result of our success in receiving this extra- and intramural funding is a wealth of equipment to support our research endeavors.  

In addition to our commitment to our research program, we recognize the importance of exposing all of our students to biological research principles, techniques, and equipment, not just those students in our research laboratories.  Towards this end, we have incorporated those ideals and equipment into our teaching laboratories. Consequently, all our students are introduced to investigative exercises, and participate in short-term research projects in their courses. 

We have fully equipped teaching and research labs with ample standard and up-to-date equipment and supplies.  In addition to the typical laboratory equipment, we also have the following specialized large equipment.


  • Olympus AX70 confocal microscope
  • Teaching microscopes
    • Several inverted microscopes
    • Numerous phase contrast microscopes
    • Numerous light and stereo digital microscopes
    • Numerous light and stereo microscopes
  • Image analysis system coupled to a dissecting microscope
  • Nikon photomicroscope (equipped for brightfield, epifluorescence, and differential interference microscopy)
  • Nikon inverted photomicroscope (equipped as above)
- Microscopes


  • Several horizontal flow tissue culture hoods
  • Several biocontainment hoods
  • Incubators
    • Illuminated refrigerated incubator shaker
    • Numerous CO2 incubators
    • Bacteriological incubators
    • Environmental chambers/incubators
  • Several general purpose centrifuges
  • Several superspeed centrifuges
  • 1 ultracentrifuge
  • Microfuges, both ambient temp and refrigerated
  • Large capacity autoclave
  • Several table-top autoclaves
  • Several shaking water baths
  • Nanopure water systems
- Preparation


  • FACSCaliber  Flow Cytometer (dual laser)
  • LiCor 6400 IRGA
  • 3 PCR systems; one real-time
  • HPLC
  • UV/VIs Spectrophotometer
  • Chlorophyll fluorometer
  • TopCount NXT automated microplate scintillation and luminescence counter
  • LiCor 4300 DNA analyzer
  • 2 absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence plate readers
  • Numerous electrophoresis set-ups
  • Turner Designs fluorometer
  • Mettler microbalance
  • 3 microspectrophotomers


- Analysis/Bio-tech

Field Related

  • Radio-telemetry equipment
  • 16 ft john boat
  • 3 square-stern canoes
  • 3 normal canoes
  • 3 kayaks
  • GIS capabilities
- Field Related


  • 2 ultralow freezers
  • Several liquid nitrogen freezers
- Storage

Specialized Equipment

  • Support facilities & equip approved by UST’s IACUC
  • Leica Supercut microtome (for automated sectioning of plastics and paraffin)
  • Tissue-Tek vacuum infiltration processor (for automated paraffin embedding) 
  • Tissue-Tek embedding center 
  • Sutter electronic syringe pump
  • Sutter needle puller
  • Sutter needle beveler
  • Narashige micromanipulators
- Specialized Equipment