Login Help for TommieCareers

Students and Alumni (and Faculty and Staff)

Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni should log in at tommiecareers.stthomas.edu/students or through the Public Job and Internship Listings at stthomas.edu/careerdevelopment/joblistings

Students, Faculty, and Staff

Anyone with a current, active account should use their UST Username and password (the same used to log into email or Blackboard) without the @stthomas.edu.

For example if your UST Username is doe8643 (email: doe8643@stthomas.edu) enter "doe8643" as your Username and your regular password as your password.


Alumni without a current UST Username account may request access to TommieCareers using their old UST Student ID number as their username in place of the UST Username.

After login access has been granted, alumni may set their own password and log into TommieCareers from the student page by entering their student ID number (100xxxxxx) as their username in the Username field, and then the password they chose.


Employers should log in directly at tommiecareers.stthomas.edu/employers

An employer username is the email address used at the time the account was set up.

There is an option for employers to create a One Stop account that maintains their account login information allowing them to access several schools that utilize the Symplicity NACElink system with a single username and password.


If you have too many failed login attempts you may be asked to also enter in the solution to one of those pesky weird looking letter images called a CAPTCHA.

CAPTCHAs are not case sensitive. Be sure to enter in your username, password, CAPTCHA letters, AND press the GO button. Missing any fields or pressing any other button may give you another failed login attempt. You may be asked to solve the CAPTCHA more than once even if you think you typed it correctly. Don't be discouraged, it typically works the third time.

There is nothing we can do to remove the CAPTCHA as it is a system setting that we cannot turn off or override. If you are having problems solving the CAPTCHA you can either close out of your browser and wait an hour for it to go away, or use a different computer or browser. We apologize for any incontinence this account security feature may cause.