Alumni on TommieCareers

Alumni have lifetime access to TommieCareers.

Once the normal UST Username login for services such as UST Email expires (typically a month or two after graduation) alumni will need to request a new login for TommieCareers. This will typically be their UST Student ID as their username with a password they set.

Alumni don't have to wait until their UST Username expires, they can request alumni access immediately after they graduate by using the following 2-Step process:

1. Request Access

There are two options for requesting access to TommieCareers. A.) The Quad or B.) Career Request Form.

With either option, please allow one or two business days for us to respond to your request.

A. The Quad

The easiest way is to log into The Quad and fill out a request for access to TommieCareers. This is the preferred method as it is a simple process.

B. Career Center Request Form

However, if you prefer, you may also contact the Career Development Center directly using our TommieCareers Login Request Form.

2. Activate Your Account

Once our office has received and verified your request we will send you a link to activate your account and set your password.

Be sure to activate your account within 24 hours of receiving the email or you will need to request another link.