Student Academic/Career Timeline

Graduation may seem a long ways off, but it is never too early to start planning a career path. This represents a possible time-line of college major and career related activities for a typical University of St. Thomas student. Situations may differ from student to student. This time-line is designed as a tool to guide you through the process wherever you are on the career/life planning continuum.

The Career Development Center encourages students to begin this process early so that they may experience more, and less harried, options early on.

First Year - EXPLORE (Typically First or Sophomore Year)

Exploring your surroundings and self

  • Talk with a Career Educator to determine if a career assessment would be helpful.
  • Develop a list of majors and careers to consider. 
  • Create or update your resume and cover letter for an on-campus job.
  • Look for a summer job or volunteer opportunity to develop and learn new skills.
  • Visit our seminars and events page to learn about upcoming career workshops and events.
  • Register to receive a weekly Career Development Center e-mail with information related to workshops, activities and internships by following these simple instructions.
  • Browse through the "What Can I do with a Major In?" section on the Career Development Center website

Second Year - RESEARCH (Sophomore/Junior Year)

Selecting a college major and career direction

  • Continue to assess your interests, skills, and values. Identify the kind of work you enjoy and skills you like to use.
  • Research major/career options and review the following websites:
  • Create a profile on Handshake, and investigate internships and part-time career related employment through the online job listings.
  • Update your resume and have it reviewed by a Career Educator.
  • Attend Career Development Center seminars and events
  • Begin to build a personal career network
    • Maximize everyday connections with friends, classmates, family, co-workers, etc.
    • Create a LinkedIn profile and join our group, ASK - Alumni Sharing Knowledge
    • Conduct informational interviews or schedule job shadow opportunities

Third Year - DEVELOP (Junior/Senior Year)

Build your resume portfolio though academic and life experiences

Fourth Year - IMPLEMENT (Senior+ Year)

Execute your plan to attain your desired goals

  • Update your resume and meet with a Career Educator to establish your individual plan for conducting an effective job search. Plan to start your job search 6-9 months prior to graduation.
  • Update your Handshake profile. This will allow us to send you the information you need about job opportunities and events.
  • Network with people in person. Join associations, attend alumni and networking events, and schedule in-person meetings. Develop and improve your LinkedIn profile and network.
  • Attend Career Development Center workshops and employer information sessions
  • Connect with employers at career fairs including the Minnesota Private Colleges Job & Internship Fair, and the Government and Non-Profit Career Fair.
  • Purchase professional attire for interviews. Check out our  Pinterest boards for ideas.
  • Schedule a mock interview with a Career Educator.
  • Participate in On-Campus Interviewing to connect with larger corporations.
  • Learn about negotiating salary and benefits.
  • Prepare to apply to graduate or professional schools by having a resume and personal statement review.