Resume Do's and Don't s

 Developing an effective resume that highlights your relevant qualifications to the position is crucial in a successful job or internship search in the U.S. Here are some useful points to keep in mind.



  • Include employment and education from your home country, even if it's unrelated to the degree or job you are currently seeking.
  • Offer information about companies or universities in other countries. (example: Fortune 100 Company, Top research university)
  • Keep page length between 1 and 2 pages (undergraduates = 1 page, graduate students = 1 to 2 pages)
  • Read the job description and focus on relevant skills and experiences
  • Move relevant experiences closer to the top of your resume
  • Order items within a section in reverse chronological order (most recent experience first)
  • Include the City and State for each school attended and for work experiences
  • Focus on accomplishments and transferable skills within skill statements
  • Save as a pdf
  • See a career counselor for a resume review
  • Give yourself enough time to create and revise your resume
  • Begin your skill statements with action verbs (Promote, Create, Teach). Ensure verb tense is correct (present/past).
  • If using an Objective, make it unique to the company and position.
  • Use 10 – 12 pt. font
  • Include personal information such as gender, religion, age, or immigration status
  • Include English as a language skill, or TOEFL scores
  • Use first person pronouns (I, My)
  • Begin skill statements with “Responsibilities include…”
  • Focus only on duties at a job
  • Focus on high school experience after your sophomore year, unless it’s related to the internship or job you want
  • Use a template from word processing software
  • Rely on uploading your resumes to get noticed. Job boards won’t hire you, people will! Get out there and meet people, reach out to your contacts for job leads.
  • Include references unless asked to list them within the resume.



Resume Development

Download or review our Resume guidebook for assistance with writing your professional resume. See the sample resumes on pages 6-10.

Complete the Resume Worksheet to get started.

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