Cover Letter Tips

A winning cover letter :

  • Is no more than one page
  • Highlights how your experiences fit the job description
  • Is grammatically perfect
  • Contains the name of a specific person to address your letter to. If you can’t find a name, use “Hiring Manager”, “Search Committee”, “Internship Coordinator”, etc.
  • Is professional - “Dear Mr. Jones” for a greeting. “Sincerely, Your Name” as a closing
  • Indicates where you heard of the job opening
  • Is unique and targeted for each position
  • Demonstrates your knowledge of the position and the company
  • Contains accomplishments from work or volunteer experiences that are related to the job
  • Tells the employer what you will contribute.
  • Isn't just a list of skills, but explains how you have used those skills.

Cover Letter Guidebook

Download or review our Cover Letter guidebook for assistance with writing your cover letters.

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