International Internships

Beyond taking classes while you’re abroad, did you know you can also complete an internship? Many students struggle with fitting global learning into their college experience due to so many time demands – classes, involvement, internships, research (and more) are all important experiences to have on your resume. BUT, you don’t have to sacrifice studying abroad to do an internship!

Why Intern Abroad

Building a resume with good internship and/or work experiences is important – but so is studying abroad and intercultural immersion. You shouldn’t have to choose between the two!

Doing an academic internship during a semester or summer study abroad experience is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Every internship has an accompanying course, so you’ll get credit toward your degree, AND build your resume.

Most of the international internship programs are open to sophomores (some even to freshmen!). They are the perfect opportunity to strengthen your application for future internships and jobs, and get a leg-up on the competition. An international internship is truly an experience few people can put on their resume!

Your study abroad advisor will explain how to get courses approved for credit during your advising meeting. It’s also a good idea to talk to your Faculty Advisor prior to choosing an international internship program. You may be able to apply credits directly to your degree program, or have them count for experiential learning credit. Everyone’s situation is different, so always ask!

Guidelines for experiential learning and internship credits can be found on the Registrar’s Website See Experiential Learning / Internship

The National Association of Colleges and Employers identifies Equity and Inclusion as one of the key career competencies for graduates.

With the world of work becoming more and more culturally diverse, and many organizations working across borders, intercultural competence is essential to being career ready. Interning in another country provides you with an opportunity to learn about and engage with people from different cultures and fields, and provide you with an immersive cultural learning experience unlike any other.

Interning abroad can also provide you with foundational networking opportunities to continue your career in the years to come. For many, working abroad or for a multinational company is a dream, but few can make it happen. An internship not only proves that you are capable of working abroad, but gives you the opportunity to meet professionals both in and outside your field.

If you are planning on majoring or minoring in a language, there are language intensive programs that will offer you the opportunity to speak your language of choice in the workplace. Daily immersion will strengthen your skills quickly and helps build cultural competence.

If you’re interested in these programs, make sure you talk with your study abroad advisor when you’re planning your experience!

How Can I Intern Abroad

There are both part-time semester and full-time summer internship opportunities abroad.

If you want to intern during the semester, you will do a part-time internship (with the internship course) while also taking other courses. The majority of your financial aid package will apply.

Summer full-time internships are also available. Spend 6-12 weeks working full-time at your internship placement. Choose your time commitment and take an optional language course.

The University of St. Thomas offers a five-year German & Engineering dual degree program in which graduates earn two degrees simultaneously: a B.S. in an engineering discipline and a B.A. in German. Students in this program will study a semester at a partner university in Germany followed by a semester-long paid internship in Germany. 

Combining engineering with the knowledge of German and intercultural competence through the year abroad, prepares graduates for meaningful careers in a globally minded and diverse world. The combination of foreign language and engineering studies lets students apply their language and culture skills to engineering and vice versa.

A plethora of programs through the Office of Study Abroad offer internship opportunities for academic credit. There are literally opportunities on every continent! We’ve broken down the selection and application process here. It might seem complicated, but it’s really easy!

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with representatives with all our partners on September 19th at the Study Abroad Fair in ASC Dorsey Way!

Once you’ve been accepted to an approved program, they will facilitate the process of finding placement options, submitting application materials, and interviewing. You are guaranteed an internship, and this is a great opportunity to try something new.

Career Development can help just as we would for a domestic job search – getting your resume and cover letter in order, and brushing up on interviewing skills. Call (651)-962-6761 or stop by MHC 123 to make an appointment!

Check out Study Abroad’s website to find programs with internship components, and meet with a study abroad advisor to find out what programs might be the best fit for you.

Don’t automatically assume you can’t afford to study abroad or do an international internship. You can apply for scholarships to help offset the cost of your internship, and always remember: you’re paying for the CREDITS!

Take a look at the St. Thomas Study Abroad Scholarships, and other national scholarships, and be sure to check with your internship provider (CIEE, IES, AIFS, etc.) to see what scholarship or additional funding they may have available as well. Sometimes they provide flight vouchers or unique scholarships! Never pass up a chance at free money!

If you choose to do an internship as part of a semester study abroad experience, the majority of your financial aid package will apply. Please visit the financial aid website for more information and meet with advisors there and in Study Abroad to ask questions!