As the Tommie Searches

As the Tommie Searches--written, acted, and produced by real UST students--is delivered in radio show format. The series follows a fictional UST student, Tommie, as he explores resume development, interviewing, networking and other career related topics.

We offer episodes as downloadable MP3s, text scripts, or video [CC] with closed captioning and translation available.

As the Tommie Searches Episode List

As the Tommie Searches is written, acted, and produced by real UST students. Sit back and watch the complete series on YouTube. Also, show your support for your fellow Tommies by giving a thumbs up on YouTube! 

Download the MP3 by right-clicking and choosing save in most browsers.

#VidMP3PDFEpisodeAir Date
1 Last Minute Resume [CC] 11/30/2009
2 Resume Peer Review [CC] 12/14/2009
3 Resume Redemption [CC] 12/21/2009
4 Phone Interview Failure [CC] 03/10/2014
5 ‌‌ Mock Interview Inspiration [CC] 03/17/2014
6 The Interview [CC] 03/24/2014
7 Following Up [CC] 03/31/2014
8 The Results [CC] 04/07/2014

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